Clementino Bonfiglioli was born in Bologna in 1928. His mother died soon afterwards and he was raised from birth by his grandparents. His father emigrated, to return only 10 years later. Unfortunately he was killed in the war and Clementino was left alone. He dedicated himself to the study of engineering and graduated from the “Aldini Valeriani” Technical Institute. He began work as a designer and tester in leading gearbox companies in Bologna where he very soon came to appreciate how much growth that sector would soon enjoy as the result of developments in industrial automation in the Bologna area. He therefore decided to strike out and set up on his own, and formed "COSTRUZIONI ...

Bevel Gearboxes

Tooth shape, transmission form, assembly form, etc. aluminumCast ironCast iron and aluminiumpheroidal graphite ironPVCspheroidal graphite ironstainless steelsteel
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Brand Product number Internal structure Transmission ratio range Power range Price(Dollar/Set) Other

What can we do for you?

1、We have good enough products to replace the Bonfiglioli brand's Bevel Gearboxes series.
2、30 years of industry experience, attractive and leadership.
3、We have mastered the Chinese supplier information for these brands.


what can we do?

Better price

The price must be the most reasonable,
the most authentic,
and the most competitive.

Better delivery time

VGood equipment and product production
schedulescan speed up delivery times.
And the quality is very good.

Support product modification, customization

Single or small orders also support product

OEM, better supply protection

It can be developed and produced according to
the buyer's standards. And complete the
order with high quality.


Organization founder.

We have the largest mobilization and coordination capabilities in the industry.

  • Founder of China North Reducer Factory Alliance
  • Founder of China Reducer Alliance
  • The most standard production workshop in China
  • Full research and understanding of the production
           process and characteristics of brand-related products.

Many people's questions

  • 1.How long has the company been operating?
  • Our company has been engaged in reducer, gearboxes, worm screw jack and other related products for 30 years.
  • 2.How to ensure the quality of the product?
  • The product has sufficient testing standards from raw material to delivery to ensure that product batches are 100% qualified before delivery.
  • 3.How is the product packaged?
  • The outer packaging is a wooden box, and the remaining space inside is a bubble filling, which must ensure the integrity of the product during transpo
  • 4.Ordering process?
  • Communicate to determine the product → further determine the product size → send the quotation and indicate the delivery cycle → sign the contract → p
  • 5.How do I get a product brochure?
  • 1. Send an email to any customer service email, indicating the model number of the sample or the web page address of the product. 2. Leave a messag
  • 6.Questions about product foundry?
  • Our company provides global OEM processing products that can be processed by drawings or samples. The OEM agreement must be signed prior to OEM produc
  • 7.About after sales?
  • The product warranty period is 1 year, and the export product needs to be supported by the corresponding after-sales policy according to the purchaser

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